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Communication Training

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At Chasing Albert, we believe that good, trustworthy, and credible leaders must first be subject matter experts. Importantly, they need to know how to deliver their knowledge in a clear, compelling, and inspiring way.

But even the most capable of leaders can be inhibited by their communication skills. It is these brilliant minds that we are proud to unlock with our bespoke communication, media, and presentation training services.

Modes of Training

1:1 Executive Coaching
Group Training
One Off Assistance

Effective Communication Training

A course for improving communication with peers, partners, and customers.

  • Interpersonal communication skills

  • Conflict and crisis communication

  • Communication for business performance

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Media Training

Manage a crisis, sell more products, and build credibility with the right media skills.

  • Planning for media interviews

  • Effective and authentic delivery

  • Hostile media management skills

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Business Writing

Learn to harness the power of the written word – an essential leadership skill.

  • Writing with memorability and influence

  • Reading an audience

  • Managing tone and providing clarity

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Vision Mission Values Workshop

Develop a clear and inspiring purpose, backed by demonstrable values.

  • Establishing organisational purpose

  • Developing memorable statement pieces for communication

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Key Message and Narrative Development

Craft clear, compelling messages, and a unique narrative – your business positioning depends on it.

  • Credible and compelling business positioning

  • Developing clear messaging and organisational narrative

  • Message consistency for effective marketing

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Executive Profile Development

Establish your executive profile, to build a positive reputation, credibility, and useful notoriety.

  • Understanding the value of an executive profile

  • Developing authentic and sustainable executive profile

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Presentation Training

Become a sharp and authentic presenter that can engage and delight audiences.

  • Planning and delivery persuasive presentations

  • Presentation structure and content

  • Managing nerves

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Chasing Albert are fantastic to work with. We needed someone who could understand our business and drive a marketing strategy around it.  

Within a month Marie and her team where able to accomplish just that. We now have a marketing strategy and set of initiatives, driven by Chasing Albert, that are driving better sales and brand awareness for our business.

Ben Palmer, CEO. Genos International.

We came to Marie and the Chasing Albert team with a product and close to no idea on how to sell it. Not only did they help Purifas articulate its key ideas and messages, but they did in a what that fostered a brand, grabbed attention, and elevated the esteem of the product to new heights.

Marie’s ability to articulate ideas and facts showed how great of an understanding she had of our brand and its position, and the future direction we needed to take it. Marie is exceptional at highlighting our point of difference and making sure we stood out amongst the rest, and for that Purifas is forever indebted to her

Ibrahim Samaan, CEO. Purifas.

The Chasing Albert team did more than help sell tickets – their work helped me take RLTM to a new level. One that has opened up new doors and possibilities for the brand. The coverage achieved was fantastic and I believe a result of more than just great skill, but a genuine care for me and the show.

Denis Carnahan. Rugby League the Musical.

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Leave us a message, and let’s set up a coffee.

Leave us a message, and let’s set up a coffee.
Leave us a message, and let’s set up a coffee.
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